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Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's been a while. . .

So I started this blog for one of my classes and thought it would be a good time to create a blog. Well, it's been almost a year and I've yet to write a post, so here goes. . .

It's my last semester at LU and I'm really nervous. I've completed my resume (I've yet to send it out) and also finished my portfolio, which I'm really excited about because it was a lot of work!! With all the excitement of completing school, it's also really nerve-racking -- Will I get a job? How will my first interview go? Will I actually be able to apply what I've learned throughout these 3 1/2 years? Have I learned enough?! Yuck, it makes me have a headache just thinking about it!

Also with this last semester I joined AAF (American Advertising Federation) and I am the secretary. I'm pretty excited about it and love the networking that comes with it. This semester has been crazy busy with projects, group meetings, and AAF meetings but I keep telling myself I can make it to Thanksgiving.

So enough about school....I'm loving the fall weather and really love how pumpkin/apples are incorporated with everything -- coffee, chai tea, apple cider, cookies, bread, pancakes, etc. I am also super hype that Amanda is having another little girl. I've listed sooo many names to her like: Emma, Ella, Harper, Chloe, Lillie, Ellie (get it, Ellie and Kylee -- it would be so cute!!). They really like the name Olivia and call her "Liv", so I mentioned to spell it "Alivia" -- that's how you say it anyway! And she really liked that idea =) maybe I'll have a part in naming her!

I've really enjoyed writing this post. Now I'm sure I won't be writing on a day to day basis but it's a start right?


Anonymous said...

Right! I had no idea you were so busy doing a portfolio and resume already!! I want to see this stuff! One thing I always remind myself and Jordan with the Marine Corps, is the Lord hasn't brought us this far for nothing. The same is true for you. Just keep trusting in the fact that He has a great plan for you!

Ashley Eskridge said...

Thanks for the encouraging words!