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Monday, March 14, 2011

Yarn Wreaths

I love Etsy but sometimes something I love is overpriced. That something happened to be a yarn wreath, priced anywhere from $25-$50. So I got the supplies and decided I would have some fun and make my own!

Wrapping the yarn around the foam was the longest process and I did two because I wanted one for our living room and bedroom. Here is the grey one:

And here is the tan one:

Next came the fabric flowers. I went to the fabric store and got navy, brown, and cream fabric -- this was a little tricky but I got the hang of it after making one.

And here are the beauts, they hang in my living room and bedroom.

And a close up of the fabric flowers on the second wreath.


Anonymous said...

Look at you Martha!! These are adorable!! And even something I could possibly do....maybe. So how did you know how to make the flowers and also how much did you save making these on your own?

Ashley Eskridge said...

The foam wreath was around $5 at Michael's. I found a blog that gave step by step instructions on how to make fabric flowers. I just went to our local fabric store and they had fabric squares for sale for like $1.30 and used fabric glue to hold it together and then used a hot glue gun to glue it onto the wreath. I probably spent around $10 and they sell these on Etsy anywhere from $25 to $50!