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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Flower Pot

Last fall I wrote a post on a flower pot that I revamped with some left over green spray paint -- you can see that post here. Well, I never posted a picture with a flower in it because it was nearing fall and it made no sense. So here it is 7 months later and I love it even more.

I just love fun pops of color. Especially green, it's my favorite color! I also really love my palms (pictured below behind bistro set), I bought two of these for under $20 and it gives a tropical look to our deck.

Eventually we will get a patio set that seats more than two but it works for now! We spend many evenings out here eating dinner, relaxing, and playing with the dogs.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Eggs

Every Easter my hometown has a yummy tradition. Almost every family is busy making 'Easter Eggs'. Some people even make them and sell them! So I want to share with you our tradition. Below are the ingredients:
  • 2 sticks of unsalted butter
  • 8 0z. block of cream cheese
  • 3 lbs. of powdered sugar {or '10x sugar' as we call it back home}
  • Nestle Milk Chocolate Chips {usually takes two bags}
  • Wax {I usually skip this because I like my chocolate to be thicker}
  • Your favorite mix-ins {peanut butter, coconut, nuts, cherries}

Mix together butter, cream cheese, and powdered sugar together in a mixer. Below are eggs that have no mix-ins, they are buttercream eggs.

*warning: if you are using a hand mixer be careful -- it is not powerful enough for the dough and a lot of times will break your mixer.

Our second flavor is peanut butter. But you can add anything to these babies -- coconut, nuts, cherries...get creative! Once you have shaped all your eggs, put them in the refrigerator for an hour.

Once your eggs have been refrigerated for an hour, then you can melt your chocolate chips. Dip your flavored egg {this one happens to be buttercream} into the melted milk chocolate chips and cover the egg.

Once every egg is covered w/ chocolate, put them back in the refrigerator to let the chocolate harden.

And there you go. A super easy, yummy Easter treat! Enjoy with a cup of coffee or if you don't drink coffee {like my husband}, a glass of milk! I wanted to post this post earlier this week but have been so darn busy -- it's not too late to make these for your family!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Meet Sally

Sally is the newest member of our family and the camera flash was a little too bright for her :)

And in case your wondering, Joseph and I are not nuts. We did not get a third dog. This cute pup belongs to Joseph's grandfather Leon. Sally was a part of a puppy mill and thanks to Rainbow Rescue Adoptions they rescued her and bought her to their no kill shelter. Sally is a two year old Maltese/Pekingese mix that is mostly white with some brown patches. She was a little shaken up during the plane ride from North Carolina to Virginia but she is slowly warming up to her new owner. We are so excited for our next visit to Tangier to meet our new furry family member and know she will be a great companion for Pop Leon.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Yard Work

We finally did it, we mowed or as we would say back home -- 'cut' our grass! It was much needed. Here is my stud husband rocking his new red mower.

And of course I had to do something, so I started weeding! Don't you just LOVE my polka dot gardening gloves :)

And here is proof that I really was weeding -- check out my piles:

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Springified Home

Oh how I love spring time. Warmer weather, everything comes alive, longer days, and Mister Goodies is back in business! Here is how we have springified our home!

We added two boston ferns to our roof overhang. I love these plants, not to mention they last all summer and I can actually keep them alive!

Next we added a moss wreath to our red front door.

Here is a picture of our 'springified' home. Tiny touches can really make your home stand out (plus a fresh coat of 'sangria red' on the shutters and front door).

And of course I had to include pictures of the plants that are in the process of growing/sprouting.

Here is what lines our walkway.

These purple flowers are scattered all around for a pop of color.

And this plant should bloom any day!

Next on the list is to purchase a lawn mower and 'cut the grass' -- it's growing really fast!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wedding Trends I Love

Being a wedding planner I see lots of trends. Below are some of my favorite trends and some ideas I wish we did!

I am loving this idea of a candle light wedding ceremony -- so intimate!

20's inspired weddings (dress, jewelry, head pieces). This is making a BIG come back this year, love this collage of photos:

Veil or no Veil?
Personally, I am not a fan of a veil and if you're the same here are some looks I love:

I love DIY projects and I am loving these ideas:

A wood directional sign is simple, and so sweet:

A peony bouquet -- hey, girls schedule their weddings around these flowers!

This ball arrangement for an outdoor ceremony.

The next photo is soooo Joe and I. We love ice cream and an ice cream bar (w/ yummy toppings) is genius for the ice cream lover.

The Photobooth:
A lot of photographer's are doing this now but if not, you can create your own with a simple sheet and fun props!

One thing I've noticed with favors -- if it's edible, they're usually a hit! I'm loving these favors:
Perfect for a fall wedding -- candy apples:
Nothing better than chocolate chip cookies!

Personalized sugar cookies

Hope this blog entry helps some brides out there. I am in wedding mode today -- I do have a reception later tonight!