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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Springified Home

Oh how I love spring time. Warmer weather, everything comes alive, longer days, and Mister Goodies is back in business! Here is how we have springified our home!

We added two boston ferns to our roof overhang. I love these plants, not to mention they last all summer and I can actually keep them alive!

Next we added a moss wreath to our red front door.

Here is a picture of our 'springified' home. Tiny touches can really make your home stand out (plus a fresh coat of 'sangria red' on the shutters and front door).

And of course I had to include pictures of the plants that are in the process of growing/sprouting.

Here is what lines our walkway.

These purple flowers are scattered all around for a pop of color.

And this plant should bloom any day!

Next on the list is to purchase a lawn mower and 'cut the grass' -- it's growing really fast!


Susan said...

Hi Ashley! It's Susan (Logan's mom). I found your blog and have been following it for awhile and thought I'd quit lurking and leave you a comment!
I love your house, and your flair for decorting! Also, congrats on the wedding planner job!!

Anonymous said...

Finally found you again!! yay!! I love your home too and can't wait to visit! Job will love playing in your yard with the dogs:-)

Ashley Eskridge said...

Thanks Susan! I have really enjoyed making this house a home :)

Kara - your blog inspires me to do an ooftd! I love that idea!

Ashley Eskridge said...

oops *ootd