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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Our Home

Living Room:

We got a lot of our accessories from Target's white and blue line. The color is in the gold family but it can sorta look yellow or a light tan depending how the light hits it.

{curtains, lamp, & accent pillows all from Target}

Mantle Accessories:

{Owl: Pier 1}
{Book: yard sale find}
{Wreath: made by me}

{Candles: Target}
{Birds: Michael's}


{Color: Tomato Bisque}
{Plates: Pier 1}
{Curtains: Target}

{When trying to decide on the perfect color we tried two samples: tomato bisque and crab bisque. We decided that the majority of the kitchen would be the tomato but went with the crab bisque above the sink}

Picture frame turned into a chalkboard memo board for our kitchen:

I purchased this dog bone at TJ Maxx and it was originally a cutting board. I knew it would be perfect if I covered it in chalkboard paint and then I could use it above their food/water area. I drilled holes in the top and used ribbon to hang it. I love it! See the whole process here.

Guest Bedroom:

Our guest room is our 'Tangier' themed room. Eventually we will get white furniture or paint this set white.

The Office:

Super cheap pencil holders. Tin cans covered in paper from A.C. Moore:

Other side of the office
{color: green grapes}

I still need to finish our bedroom, doesn't lack much. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

LOVE what you've done with the place! I'm gonna need you to come visit and help me when we get a new place. I'm SO not creative like you when it comes to decorating. Like the pencil holders? That intimidateds the crap out of me! LOL

Susan said...

Your home is beautiful! You really have that decorator's touch- love all the colors you are using. I have those Pier 1 plates (the bird ones-mine are in pear green):O)Oh, and yeah Martha :O), those pencil holders..love them! Keep posting!

Anna Pruitt-Parks said...

Love, Love the home!! You caused me to fall in love with those plates from Pier 1....Got the floral print ones, now just may get the birdy ones as well. It's inspiring me to repaint my house at the moment....Want to paint my kitchen a spiced orange or something along those lines(It's cabin red at the moment). Keep up the great decorating!!