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Saturday, May 7, 2011


So it's been 5 years since I've been to prom and I must say, I had fun getting to experience a taste of it again. Naturally, prom is so much fun if your a girl, but I did have fun helping my brother get ready for his big night. I did learn that it is SO different for a guy getting ready. Jonathon hopped in the shower, shaved up, moisturized (I made him do this :), brushed his teeth, fluffed his hair a little, and then put his suit on and he was ready to go! I wanted to pluck a few stray eyebrows but he wouldn't let me, I admit I was getting a little carried away. So here are a few favorites of the night:

Georgianna rocked this LBD and I am jealous of her long legs

Family Shots:

Jonathon w/ Pop & Nan

My little brother is growing up whether I'm ready or not.


Susan said...

Nothing like a TI prom! Everyone looked so good! Jonathan has grown up soooo fast. It's amazing how little effort boys take in getting ready, huh? I couldn't help but laugh at your wanting to "groom" on him a little more, I always do that with my boys too....it really should take them little longer to get ready! Great family pictures! :O)

Ashley Eskridge said...

Mom said "you'd like for him to be a girl!" lol. By the way, I am now following your blog. Love the pics of Disney World!

Anonymous said...

LOL!! I would have been the same way with the eyebrows;-) That's so funny what your mom said, I can hear you mocking her saying it now:-)
He looked so handsome and yes, Georgianna's legs are a mile long! Your legs are just fine though!!