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Monday, July 18, 2011

Bedroom + Branch

I've been forever posting pictures of our bedroom because I didn't know what to hang on the walls! Well if you saw my last post (click here) I found inspiration! Below is the process:

Tree = $0
Brackets = less than $3
Ribbon = Around $3
The picture frames were the most expensive part. I don't have many frames, especially 8x10's so they were $9 each.

I'm very thankful for a husband who will help me complete projects and never complains. Without him, most of them would remain incomplete :)

Almost complete!
(please ignore the unmade bed)

And it's done!

And here is the rest of our bedroom:

The door leads to a 1/2 bath.

And our bedroom is complete! I was curious to see other projects using branches and found these:

This at an entry way:

Above your kitchen table:

To hang your jewelry:

A candle holder on your mantle:
So go and get branch happy!

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