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Friday, July 29, 2011

Button Monogram

This year for Christmas I want to make a lot of my gifts. I came across a button monogram on Pinterest and knew that would be perfect for my two nieces. Yes I know, Christmas is 5 months away but if I plan on making things, I want plenty of time!

Below are my supplies:

Assorted buttons (the pack I purchased happened to include the paper flowers)
Assorted brads
Paper piercer
Cardstock (any color)
Letters (printed from your cpu)

Because I am horrible at drawing, I printed the monogram from my computer -- I used Helvetica, size 700:

Trace the letters onto the cardstock:

To get an idea of placement I played around with the buttons first. After that you can move your buttons to the side and then line the letter w/ adhesive:

Once you have your monogram filled w/ buttons then you can fill in the blank spots w/ brads:

And here is the button monogram in a white frame:
L=Lilly -- She is almost 10 months old and a beautiful, happy baby!

P=Priya -- A sweet, energetic 3 year old -- going on 16!

I am so excited to give these!!

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nammypammy said...

What a great gift. Can be kept on the wall. Packs easily if needs be in the future, and can’t be torn up by little hands!