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Monday, August 8, 2011


This past Saturday I ventured over to Fred's downtown on Commerce St. in search of an old trunk. After going up all 4 floors (or maybe it was 5) I found my trunk! At first I thought I would use it in the living room but then thought of my shoe problem and my small closet. One perk of apartment living is the huge walk in closets -- I had all my shoes paired up perfectly in a row. Not so much w/ my closet now.

Before, I had this huge moving box in my closet w/ my shoes piled up to the top. It took me forever to find the pair I wanted and would often forget about a really cute pair of shoes because they would be at the bottom!

Now I have all my flats, flip flops, and favorite heels in the trunk.

And I have plenty of room in my closet for my boots! And room for more :)

So not only does it cure the problem of limited space but she looks good too!

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