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Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's Christmas Time Again

This year we bought our 1st live Christmas tree! I was a little nervous because if you know my husband, the tree had to be perfect. So we ventured out after work and stopped at Dave's Christmas Trees (we didn't go to a tree farm, maybe next year!). We narrowed it down to two trees (Joe approved!) and then it started to rain. So we made our decision quick, loaded the tree in the truck, and headed to Walmart to pick up extra lights. When we got home and plugged in the lights, half were out. So we put the tree up anyway and postponed the decorating until the next evening.

We were more successful with lights the next evening and here is our decorated tree!

Two of my favorite ornaments: 
"New Home"

This nutcracker was my MomMom Henrietta's. It hung on her tree every year and love that it will now hang on ours for years to come!

The pups stocking already filled with yummy treats

The fireplace
(I would still like to find some greenery to hang over the mantel!)

And of course you have to have candy canes!

I just love how a tree makes everything so cozy!

We kept outside pretty simple and just decorated the 3 trees in our front yard
(plus we don't have a ladder! :)


Merry Christmas everyone and happy decorating! 


Anonymous said...

Love your live tree and all your decorating! Great job Eskridges!!

Susan said...

We had our 1st live tree this year too!! Your decorations are beautiful!