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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Snow Day -- over a week late!

Sunday, February 19, 2012 Lynchburg got its first snow of the season! Here are a few pictures of the glorious day :)

Our deck covered!

I could've taken a better picture of our house but I had gloves on and didn't want to keep switching settings on my camera!

Look at all that snow!

The next morning everything was beautiful. 

We were hoping for a day off from work but it was only a 2 hour delay. Oh well! And did I mention all this snow was gone in 2 days because of the 60/70 degree weather, crazy!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Family Visit

This past weekend my family visited the first time since I graduated in May 2010. Yes, I know almost 2 years is a bit ridiculous. Here are some pics of the weekend.

Friday morning Esme enjoyed some snuggle time with her grandma (mom doesn't know what she wants her future grandkids to call her so the pups call her grandma lol)

Me & Mom on our way to get our shop on :)

Jonathon wanted a gun, he didn't get a gun -- shocking!

We went bowling on Friday night! 

After seeing the movie 'Safe House' (see trailer here) Jonathan and I baked homemade chocolate chip cookies for everyone. This is sort of a tradition now, we always make cookies together. Mom says we are bonding lol

 And on Sunday (their last day) it snowed!

It was a great trip and I hope they don't wait almost 2 years to come see us again! 
Stay tuned for snow pictures!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Scrapbook of Years

For Valentine's Day Joseph told me not to give him anything. He says it's a girl holiday. Of course I wanted to do something, so this year I went with sentiment.  I decided to make a scrapbook and each page would highlight that year of marriage. So I put together years 1-5 with highlights and pictures of each year. The best part, I get to add to this each year!

The opening page was a picture of our wedding day with the date.

Years 1 and 2:
Some highlights of year 1 and 2 -- We went to Savannah GA and Myrtle Beach on our honeymoon, moved to Lynchburg in July '06, visited DC and NYC, bought our 1st puppy, and bought my 1st car.

Years 3 and 4:
 Highlights of year 3 and 4 -- Went to NYC, visited the Luray Caverns with my parents, I graduated college, went to Atlanta GA and NYC...again, bought our 2nd puppy, and bought our 1st home!

Year 5
(I might have to add to this page since we still have 4 more months left in year 5)
Highlights of year 5: Went to Miami, Key West, & Nashville, I saw Taylor Swift in concert, went to the Melting Pot for my 23rd, completed our 1st big home project.

Here is a close up of the highlights that were listed at the bottom of each page -- nothing fancy. I really had to rack my brain for the earlier years, thank goodness for Facebook!

 Again it wasn't anything fancy and I tried to keep it simple since it was for a guy. Joseph said it was one of the best gifts I've given. That made me smile :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentine's Day Extravaganza

This post is a little late but I've been busy since Valentine's Day. So here is a highlight of our Valentine's Day. Since we work 12-9 (and yes, that is 9p.m.) during the week, we had to space out our celebrations. Saturday night we saw The Vow.

It was great and I recommend it! Crazy to think that this movie was based off of a real couple.

Sunday I made Red Velvet Cupcakes and even Joe decided to take a try at frosting a few cupcakes!

It was my first time using my Pampered Chef Decorator and it was fun!

I always make my Nan's recipe because it sooo good! I call it semi-homemade:

For the cake:
Yellow Cake mix 
1 pkg of Dream Whip
2 bottles of Red Food Coloring
1/4 cup Oil
Vanilla Pudding (not instant)
1 cup of Water
3 Eggs
*Just mix everything together

For the Icing:
3 blocks of Butter (yes I know, 3!)
2/3 cup of Sugar
4 tbs. Flour
1 cup of Milk
1 tsp. Vanilla

*Cook flour and milk on the stove until it forms into dough, then place in the refrigerator until cool. Mix together butter and sugar. Add in the flour/milk mixture. Add vanilla.

Valentine's Day morning I made these yummy French Breakfast Muffins. It was great because I had all the ingredients at home and it was very simple. You can find the recipe here.

We even got into the Valentine's spirit at work by making cute bags for Valentines. Here is mine:

And everyone really got into it. Look at all my Valentines!

This was one of my faves! "Glad we work at the same school" with Swedish Fish.

Hope you had a great day with the ones you love! 


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Twine Pear

I came across this DIY project from a blog entry that was posted on Pinterest {where else!?}
Three things needed: hot glue gun, light bulb, and twine.

Start by applying glue to bottom of light bulb.

And then the fun begins! Keep applying glue and wrapping twine until you get to the end!

Almost done!

Just add a twig to the top and you have a pear! I plan to add maybe one more but I'm waiting for the light bulb to blow! :)

I have tons of twine left over but that's good because I have some more projects in mind. One plan is to use it on different sized mason jars for our deck, which will be perfect for summer!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Recipe Holder

Joseph and I are on a smoothie kick and I have been saving all the recipes on my phone. I have these silver rings at work and brought one home to make a holder for all the recipes. I just needed some scrap paper and a whole punch. Easy peasy and another project done!