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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Twine Pear

I came across this DIY project from a blog entry that was posted on Pinterest {where else!?}
Three things needed: hot glue gun, light bulb, and twine.

Start by applying glue to bottom of light bulb.

And then the fun begins! Keep applying glue and wrapping twine until you get to the end!

Almost done!

Just add a twig to the top and you have a pear! I plan to add maybe one more but I'm waiting for the light bulb to blow! :)

I have tons of twine left over but that's good because I have some more projects in mind. One plan is to use it on different sized mason jars for our deck, which will be perfect for summer!


nammypammy said...
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nammypammy said...

Love this, Ash!

Susan said...

LIKE!!! :O)