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Sunday, May 13, 2012

McAfee Knob

This past Saturday we hiked a total of 8 miles to one of the most popular views in Virginia. McAfees Knob is located in Catawba, Virginia and is part of the Appalachian Trail that goes from Maine to Georgia -- so obviously this was a very small part of it. We were beat afterwards but the view was spectacular!!

The hike wasn't really strenuous -- just a gradual incline up. There were a few points in the hike that were difficult but thankfully it didn't last long.

The view at the top:

Joseph on the edge of the knob:

Joseph and I at Mcafee Knob:

It took a total of 4 hours and this included a 30 minute stop at the top. Everyone at the top was having a picnic lunch and packing one is a very good idea. You work up an appetite! 


Susan said...

What a gorgeous view!!!

BBFive said...

Nice, we went up their yesterday. This was my favourite pic. http://bit.ly/KqF9uc