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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Indianapolis + St. Louis

Last week we were on vacation. We visited three new cities = Chicago (being the main one), Indianapolis, and St. Louis. We hit up Indianapolis on our way to Chicago and St. Louis on our way back home to Lynchburg. Here's a look at two of the three. . .

We rented bikes in Indianapolis to experience White River State Park. It's a good thing we did because it was a big park. Here is Joe riding along the river walk.

It was a beautiful city and one of the cleanest we've ever visited. We enjoyed the rest of our evening by walking through downtown Indy. 

Indy at night:

Here are some shots from St. Louis:
Joe being silly with the Gateway Arch

It really is an amazing monument. And fun fact, it's made out of stainless steel. 

Oh and I had to show you this. This is what we rode to the top. Oh my word, I called it a tiny vestibule lol...so tiny and no ac (only fits 5 people). I thought I was going to puke but made it to the top.

Joe at the top, looking down below:

View from the top:

Down by the Mississippi River:

My next post is all about Chicago so be sure to read!


Susan said...

Again, great pictures! How long was the drive? Peter hates flying so we've done the 16+ hrs to FL every time. Not so bad if you break it up like you did. Indianapolis + St. Louis look like great places to spend a little time.

Ashley Eskridge said...

It took 12 hours to get to Chicago. We drove 9 hours to Indy so we only had 3 hours left to Chicago. We didn't think it was bad at all!