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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Joseph's 28th Birthday

Yesterday was Joseph's 28th birthday. Yes, 28. I've been calling him my "old timer" for the past two days :) Since we both worked yesterday we celebrated later that evening. We went out to dinner at one of our favorite local spots {RA}and then went a movie (The Avengers -- of course, Joe's pick!)

Last week I was on the search for a good (but not too difficult) cake. Joe doesn't really have a favorite cake -- he likes for me to try new recipes since I actually like to bake. I found a very scrumptious looking pink lemonade cake with lemon frosting recipe. Where did I find it? Pinterest, where else?!

Here is the recipe to this very yummy cake. And it wasn't difficult! 

And the adorable cake bunting is from here.

I love that the cake actually had a pink tint to it:

And here is my stud of a husband at dinner.

Happy Birthday Joseph. And to many more!

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