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Monday, January 28, 2013

Goodbye Wisdom Teeth

On Friday I got all four of my wisdom teeth out. I was supposed to get them out when I was 17 but kept putting it off. 

This has been breakfast, lunch, and dinner. . .

And the occasional Frosty:

And thanks to Joseph I have this wonderful picture forever. This was right after the procedure when I was obviously still out of it.

And speaking of Joe, he was wonderful: he woke me up every 3-4 hours during the night to be sure my pain meds didn't wear off, he cleaned, cooked, made sure my belly was full so my pain meds wouldn't make me sick, and made sure I was comfortable at all times. I felt really loved :)

And of course these furries were by my side the whole time too!

And we can't leave out this video...I should be embarrassed but it makes me laugh.

I'm just glad they are finally out!


Kaley Baum said...

Reminiscing my own wisdom-teeth-extraction time, the only thing that makes me smile were the ice cream and smoothies part! Really thankful we’re required to have those. :D Though I find it quite favorable too that my calorie intake was unwittingly reduced. But I did make up for that diet after I was fully recovered! :P Anyway, did you find Jellos unpleasant and unlikely too when you’re well again? It’s sad, but some people develop such problem. -->Kaley

Ashley Eskridge said...

oh the ice cream was definitely the best part! and I can still eat jello! maybe because i ate more mashed potatoes :)

Caitrin Femia said...

After my teeth extraction, the cold desserts that I devoured on were the only thing that made that day great. I didn't know why I always pushed back my wisdom teeth extraction. Maybe because it wasn't bothering me before and I was being stubborn by not listening to my dentist. Haha!

Caitrin Femia