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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Lovelies

Peonies are my favorite flower and they just so happened to be a part of my garden (thank you previous home owners!!). I still remember the day I discovered them, it was the best day! Sadly when I found them they had already died. But I learned my lesson and each Spring I watch them like a hawk. As soon as they are perfectly bloomed I cut them and display them all over the house. This year I have a lot of blooms so I will be sharing my beauties with friends!
I have two colors: a very light pink which turns more white when in full bloom and a gorgeous pink (like pictured above).

Whenever I show them to people they think I have a green thumb, I think it's funny because that's far from the truth...I don't at all! With these, I let nature do its thing and just keep an eye on them! Hope these lovelies brightened your day like they did mine!


Susan said...

They are gorgeous! Wish I was close by so you could share with me! I just cut some pretty hydrangeas this morning- flowers perk me up too!:O)

Ashley Eskridge said...

Oh and I woud definitely share if we were neighbors! :) I love hydrangeas too!