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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Gender Reveal Party

When it was time to find out the gender of our baby we knew we didn't want to find out in the doctor's office (even though it was SO tempting!). We wanted a party at our house with our closest friends and family (via FaceTime). The weeks leading up to the appointment was filled with party planning and excitement. And honestly, it couldn't have been any better.

My faithful chalkboard broke the day before the party (I know, how does that happen). So I frantically rushed to Goodwill to find a cheap frame, spray painted the edges white, and applied chalkboard paint. It turned out great and was only $4.50.  Another budget friendly item: the flowers. They were a manager's special at Kroger for $4.99.

Our theme was bows and mustaches. I bought paper straws and pink and blue card stock from A.C. Moore. Super simple project and total cost was under $4.

This was a last minute project as well. I bought a $2 frame at Walmart and applied chalkboard paint. It was perfect for our boy/girl tally. 

 And lastly, I purchased blue and pink pacifiers necklaces from Amazon. This was actually my 1st purchase for the party and was a fun addition. 

And we can't forget about the cake. Joseph's co-worker baked it for us and she did a great job. It looked amazing and tasted just as good!

I was so shocked to see the pink cake, I wish I had a piece to eat now! ha

It was so exciting finding out this way and I highly recommend it if you are expecting. 
Life is precious, celebrate every moment!

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mackyton said...

Oh my goodness! This Gender Reveal Party is way too cute. My sister is expecting and I would like to book the garden party venue New York for the baby shower. I would love to use these them idea for her shower. Thanks for the inspirations.