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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Pt. 1 House Tour: Master Bedroom

Welcome to the 1st room tour of our new home. I feel like at the rate I'm going this house tour is going to take forever because I want everything perfect. Yea I'm slightly anal.

Hallway shot with the master at the end...

CurtainsSunburst Mirror | TJMaxx Comforter 

To do:
-Find a second night stand
-Find a rug
-Paint...eventually. Right now I'm actually enjoying the white walls.

I love having two windows, it lets in so much natural light.

Walk in closet:

Master bath: 

I was a little worried that our bathroom had a stand up shower because I'm a bath girl. But it hasn't been bad at all. Maybe because it has a built in seat, haha.

Next up is the nursery tour.

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Susan said...

Love it Ashley!!