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Monday, August 4, 2014

The Last Hoorah

We spent the weekend with my family in Ocean City, MD. It went by too fast but we all had a great time together. It's funny how Joe and I find ourselves saying, "this is the last time we do this without Harlow" or "this may be the last time we eat here kid-less" all the time now. It's getting real, we are 5 1/2 weeks away from my due date. So this trip was our last official hoorah before she comes! 

I ate really good this weekend. You can't leave OC without getting Thrasher's French Fries or a big tub of Dolle's caramel popcorn or a caramel apple covered in peanuts or salt water taffy. Yeaaaa

While we were dating we would get these b&w photo booth pictures every summer. So this was on the "must do" list.

And yes I'm saying it...Miss Harlow will be in the next photo booth picture ;)

Sunday morning was beautiful!

So we took advantage of it and headed to the beach. The guys had a blast boogie boarding in the surf and it quickly turned into a competition.

Relaxing before going in for a swim. I love getting to spend quality time with my aunts. The next time I see them will be Thanksgiving :(

So many "lasts" with my "firsts" to come!

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