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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Pt. 2 House Tour: Guest Room

My last day of work was Friday, so I'll blog (and clean) until Harlow makes her arrival. My sister in law is currently living with us and she's staying in our guest bedroom. As you can see, we are still working on paint and curtains.

Both spare bedrooms are great sizes and have really nice closet space.

The guest bathroom:

Basically everything in here is from Target | Paint: Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray

I'm obsessed with the shelving (you can see a glimpse in the mirror). Due to having a pedestal sink I wanted to add shelving for more space. It's also nice that a linen closet is right outside this bathroom, which helps with storage.

The shelving is from Target and I got them on sale for $20!
 originally $25 for the set of two

I know it's simple but I love using pretty tea light holders to store q-tips and floss. 

Speaking of the linen closet, here it is. Stocked and ready for the baby!

And here is the boring laundry area but it's adjacent to the bathroom so I felt like it needed to be a part of the tour. Notice the detergents are sitting on the washer because my belly is too big and I'm too short ha!

Well that's two more rooms down, only 3 more to go!

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Susan said...

Love your house!! :0)