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Monday, October 13, 2014

One Month

Happy one month baby girl!

One month stats:
-8 lbs. 15 oz. 
-22 1/4 inches long

Harlow Loves:
-Her RockaRoo
-Her Wubbanub

This last month = whirlwind and full on survival mode. How the heck do you care for a newborn yet somehow you start to figure things out. There's a part of me that thinks the last month dragged on forever but it also feels like it did fly by. I know weird. You never know how much a baby will change your life until you are actually in it. We've watched our friends go through it and clearly we saw how it did change their lives. But you don't fully comprehend it until you are in the boat. So yes, she rocks our world but in the best way possible. How can you love this little person so much?!

In celebration of surviving the 1st month we went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the game.

She had her Ravens purple onesie on under the sweater. And apparently it was good luck!

Below are some of our one month favorites:
The Wubbanub - Complete lifesaver. If you know someone having a baby, gift them this marvelous pacifier! The little animal helps it stay in their mouth, so you aren't constantly putting it back in!
4moms RockaRoo - LOVE this swing and so does Harlow. If I'm having trouble getting her to sleep after a night feeding, I put her in the swing and she is out almost instantly. We also have the 4moms infant tub and love that too. Great brand! 
Gowns - So nice for nighttime diaper changes, stock up on these!
Boon Bottle Drying Rack - Perfect for drying bottles and breast pump supplies, plus it's super cute.
Solly Baby Wrap - My friend had it right when she said "this thing has magical powers." This wrap is amazing. If Harlow is having a fussy day, I put this wrap on and put her in it and she instantly calms down. The biggest decision is choosing a color because they are all beautiful!
Skip*Hop Diaper Bag - I'm not one to carry a diaper bag and purse, so I wanted a diaper bag that could easily fulfill both roles. After searching forever, I found this gem! It's perfect and so roomy inside. I love the outside pockets for carrying my keys, phone, and sunnies. 
Britax Travel System - I love this system in black and it's simple to use. The only complaint I have is the carseat being heavy with Harlow in it. I just look at it as a workout, ha!
Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets - The best swaddle blanket out and so cute!

So glad this 1st month is out of the way. We actually feel like we are getting into a good rhythm! 

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