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Friday, December 12, 2014

3 Months

Weight: 13 lbs.* 

Length: 24.5 inches*
*Her next appointment isn't until 4 months, so this was done by me :)

Size (Diapers, Onesies, Etc.): Size 1 diapers and wearing 3/6 and 6 month clothing. It makes me sad that she has outgrown all of her cute 0-3 and 3 month clothing. She's so dang long! She can still fit in newborn shoes -- she has the tiniest feet!

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Still black in some places but the "new hair" is blonde.

Sleeping: She's sleeping great at night! Averaging an eight hour stretch which has her waking up between 4 and 6 a.m. and then she goes back until 8-ish. She has 2-3 good naps during the day.

Eating: During the day she eats every 3-4 hours. At night she goes eight hours! Drinks a total of 4.5 oz. 

Milestones: A lot of milestones this month so here we go... We finally got a giggle out of her!! Talks all the time and very aware of her surroundings. She knows how to use her hands -- whenever her pacifier falls out she can put it back in. During tummy time she uses her arms to lift her upper body off the mat. Almost rolling over, her arm gets in the way and she hasn't figured that out yet. She also locks her legs, so if she's laying down I lift her up using her arms and she completely controls her neck and stands up straight. She has also learned to "smack" her lips after watching me do it. It's hilarious. Oh and I can't forget the fake cough. 

Memorable Outings: We traveled to Tangier for the 1st time for Thanksgiving -- 6 hour car ride and a 45 minute boat ride! We also got her 1st Christmas tree, she sat on Santa's lap, and we rode around to see the Christmas lights.

Loves: the Baby channel. Whenever I need to start dinner or do some cleaning I put her in the RockaRoo and turn on the baby channel. She loves it so much that I have to put a bib on her because she drools uncontrollably.  She also loves a blanket up over her head when I'm rocking her to sleep.

Hates: Her crib, ugh. When I clean her nose.

Words/Sounds: Lots of baby talk (agoo and babbles) and squealing when she gets wound up. She loves to do the fake cough.

Nicknames: Harley, Lo, stinky head. 

Funny Moments: I died laughing when she giggled for the 1st time. Bath time is also hilarious because she gets excited and kicks/wiggles all around.

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