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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Like most holidays we traveled back home for Thanksgiving, Harlow's 1st time. She was a champ with traveling!

My dad always makes sure I have my favorite, steamed crabs!

My mom hosted Thanksgiving this year with her side of the family. How cute are those hand turkey name tags made by two younger cousins, Kylee and Emilee.

Harlow got to meet all of her great grandparents. 

We were missing Jeremy this year because he is currently in Navy basic training in Chicago (he graduates this Friday!!). Due to it being thanksgiving they were given six 15 minute phone calls, so he called and got to talk to everyone!

We ended the evening at Joseph's aunt's house and Harlow got to meet the rest of her cousins.

It was so fun introducing Harlow to the rest of the family. We can't wait to come back in just a few weeks for Christmas.

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