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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

23 Weeks

I can't believe this is my 1st bumpdate but better late than never. 

Christmas day.

23 weeks with Harlow and 23 weeks with baby boy on Tangier Beach.

How far along: 23 weeks
Gender: Boy. We were both SO shocked. My pregnancy has been EXACT to Harlow's, so we both expected another girl. So much for a "mother's intuition"-- I thought Harlow was a boy and baby boy was a girl. Ha.
Weight gain: I weighed myself at 22 weeks and had only gained 3 lbs. I weighed myself at 23 weeks and had gained 9. That right, I gained 6 lbs. over Christmas :| My bump was noticeable sooo much sooner this time around. I had a legit bump at 12 weeks. My bump popped closer to 20 weeks with Harlow.
Maternity clothes: Living in yoga pants, leggings, and swing dresses from old navy -- so no need for maternity clothes.
Stretch marks: Just the few from my last pregnancy. 
Belly button in or out: In, my belly button never fully popped with Harlow.
Sleep: Sleeping good, I usually wake up 1x. I just got a huge pregnancy pillow and it's truly life changing. I can also nap at the drop of a hat. 
Best moment of the week: Spending Harlow's 2nd Christmas on Tangier with our family. Also getting baby boy's 1st pair of little moccasins and the tiniest slouchy beanie in the mail.
Miss anything: Being able to sleep on my stomach. Being able to go, go, go without feeling completely exhausted. 
Movement: Yes, so much. I didn't think I'd ever have another child as active as Harlow but he is. I started feeling flutters at 13 weeks and Joe felt him move at 18 weeks.
Cravings: I haven't had huge cravings (I didn't with Harlow. I'm a weird preggo). But I'd say: Lucky Charms and a bacon egg and cheese biscuit from McDonalds is where it's at.
Queasy or Sick: I was so sick from 6-15ish weeks. It was actually the morning sickness that clued me in I could be pregnant. I took a pregnancy test before the sickness started but it was negative. Two weeks later I started feeling super nauseous so I took another. And sure enough it turned + within seconds. I had all day nausea with Harlow up until 14 weeks but thankfully only threw up a few times. Especially where I was working full time during her whole pregnancy. Baby boy had me throwing up a lot more, so glad that passed.
Looking forward to: A 3-day weekend. Slowly preparing the nursery. Oh and hopefully soon deciding on a name, we are down to two!

I will get better at posting weekly or lets be honest, every other week. I've loved looking back at Harlow's weekly updates to see what's the same and what's slightly different, so that's good motivation. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

12 Months

Wow, I didn't realize I never posted her 12 month stats. So here we go, almost 2 months late.

Size: 4 diapers. 18 month clothing and some 2t. Wearing size 3 shoes.

Eyes: Blue.

Hair: Blonde and so much!

Sleeping: Bedtime is still at 7:30 and waking up between 8 and 8:30 a.m.

Eating: Awesome eater. Off of formula and drinking almond milk. Loves snacking.

-Turned ONE!
-Starting to say so many words
-Can pick out her favorite books by me saying a few lines from the book
-Moved up to the big girl car seat

Loves: Brown Bear and Little Owl Lost books. Bath time. Going bye-bye. Naps/sleeping. Rolling around her shopping cart and riding elephant. Stacking Ikea toy. Loves pointing at things. Loves play dates. Giving kisses on command.

Hates: Diaper changes. When we wipe her nose or face. Putting a ponytail in her hair. Corn. Being restrained. 

-Mama, Dada, ninny, hey, no-no (and shakes her head), yes, Pop, sissy.

1st Birthday Party: 
We celebrated on Tangier with all her family. The theme was pink and gold with some unicorns thrown in! She had a lamb smash cake, which is an Eskridge tradition. The guests enjoyed a pink two tiered cake, ice cream, and unicorn and crown sugar cookies to eat. She opened wayyyy too many gifts and enjoyed all the attention. She wore a pink tutu with a 'one' onesie and had two different head pieces: a "1" party hat and a gold crown. To end the party Harlow opened her last gift which was a 'big sister' shirt. Can't believe our baby is one!

Halloween 2015

Halloween was so fun this year and I know it will only get better as Harlow gets older. This year our theme was Peter Pan (minus Pan). I got Harlow's costume and Joe's hook and hat from Amazon. I found my nightgown from Goodwill ($4!) on the Friday before Halloween -- I got really lucky on that find. From there we just used what we had! I love semi-homemade costumes and you save so much more money that way. 

We started out the night with trunk or treat at a local church and then rushed home to pass out candy. Our neighborhood is a hot spot, so we enjoy being home for it. 

We ran out of candy and had to turn off our outside lights. We had way more kids this year than last -- we actually had candy left over last year! So next year we will have to stock up!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

11 months

Size: 4 diapers. 12-18 month clothing.

Eyes: Blue.

Hair: Blonde and finally laying flat.

Sleeping: Starting to only take 1 good nap a day. Bedtime is still at 7:30.

Eating: Still eats everything.

-Standing alone
-Almost runs while walking along furniture
-High fives
-Signs for eat
-Blows kisses
-Cut all 4 molars at once -- 12 total teeth!
-Shows us she will be one by holding up her index finger
-Started "sharing" her tubee (pacifier) with us :)

Loves: feeding herself, bedtime, bath and water, Brown Bear Brown Bear What do you See, snack cup filled with cheddar bunnies, playing, babies and kids her age, when strangers talk to her -- she's so interactive with them. 

Hates: diaper changes, when we wipe her nose or face, putting a ponytail in her hair.

-Mama, Dada, ninny, hey, no no, and yes!

Monday, July 27, 2015

DIY Wall Mount Coat Rack

I haven't posted a DIY project in a long time and this one is super simple. I used leftover wood (2x4)  from our fence project cut at 30 inches, used stain I already had (Color: Special Walnut), and purchased the hooks from Home Depot. This project cost $15 (5 hooks at $2.98 a piece)

{tip: use 3 screws to secure the 2x4 to the wall and cover up the screws with the hooks}

And there you go, a simple and practical project.

Monday, July 13, 2015

10 months


Size: She's finishing out her last size 3 diapers and then we will be on to size 4! Wearing mostly 12 and 18 month clothing. Feet are still tiny but she can wear 6-12 months or size 2.

Eyes: Blue as ever, it's the first thing strangers notice about her.

Hair: Blonde and wispy.

Sleeping: Two naps a day. 7:30 bedtime and wakes up at 6/6:30 for a bottle and then goes back until 8 or after. Mama appreciates that :) Still sleeps in a sleep sack with her blanket by her face and lamb.

Eating: This kid eats anything we put in front of her: black beans, tomatoes, fish, and asparagus to name a few "odd" foods! Her favorite lunch is: Boars Head turkey lunch meat, avocado, and cheese. For dinner she eats what we eat. Some other favorites include: cucumbers, spaghetti, yogurt, melon, and puffs. We hope your love of food stays!

-Waves bye-bye
-Gives open mouth kisses on command
-Walking around furniture
-Drinks from a straw and finally a sippy cup!
-Signs for more
-Spent another week on Tangier
-You went to your 1st wedding :)
-No new teeth this month 

Loves: FOOD, bath time and water, strolling, clapping her hands, feeding herself, being out and about, nap time, playing with her toys and loves books!  

Hates: Cleaning her face and hands after she eats, juice, laying her down on the changing table to change a diaper or to get dressed, when I put her hair into a ponytail -- she would rather have a headband on. When it's after 7:30 p.m. and it's time for bed (sometimes we push it if we are out). 

-No new words this month
-Still saying Mama, Dada, ninny, hey, and no no

Birthday planning is underway!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Minnie Mouse

Joseph's mom and dad went to Disney World in February and brought back this adorable dress and Minnie ears. We had a little photo shoot to remember this cute outfit. I want to add that capturing these pictures is getting harder and harder but somehow we pull it off. 

I can't handle her thighs :)

The sunglasses kill me and they open up hahaha. I keep looking at this pic laughing and think, this is what she would look like if she wore little glasses.

A 7 week and almost 10 month Minnie.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

4th of July

The fourth is one of my favorite holidays. I love what it is, the yummy food, the beach, the water, the fireworks, everything! This holiday was the last "first" for Harlow (I don't count labor day) and it was bittersweet but exciting at the same time. Harlow is getting older and she will develop her own love of holidays. Here's some pictures from our 4th.

Uncle J and Lolo in their matching star shorts :)

Hope everyone had a great 4th!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Father's Day 2015

I was out of town for most of Father's Day weekend celebrating my friend Alison. I got back Sunday at 3 which was just in time for a picnic dinner in the park with Joseph's favorite sandwich, chicken salad.

I also fixed him a little basket filled with his favorite things: a tank top to wear playing beach volleyball, his favorite candy: Starbursts and Rolos, a popcorn maker, #1 Dad socks, and a picture of Harlow and Joe for his desk at work. I love any reason to celebrate him because he does so much for us. He deserves days that are all about him :)

Friday, June 12, 2015

9 months

Weight: 21 lbs. (91st percentile)

Height: 29 inches (92nd percentile)

Size: Size 3 diapers. Wearing size 9 months to 18 months. 

Eyes: blue.

Hair: Blonde and really growing!

Sleeping: Still taking at least 2 good naps a day. Bedtime at 7:30 p.m. Great sleeper!

Eating: Still a great eater and still prefers veggies. Introduced yogurt and cheese and she loves both. She loves feeding herself.

-Crawling EVERYWHERE, a few days after she turned 8 months she started crawling forward.
-Pulling herself up to a standing position in her crib, sofa, coffee table, chairs, etc.
-Dances when music comes on or when you tell her to dance.
-Harlow has been clapping her hands for a while now but only when you would tell her too. Now she claps them when she's happy or excited about something. We pulled into our driveway after our 4 hour road trip and she clapped her hands when Joe turned off the car. We had a good laugh.
-When you ask her "how big?" she lifts her hands to the sky.
-Seven teeth!!! Yes, seven. She has 4 top teeth and 3 bottom teeth.

Loves: Veggies, bath time, puffs (strawberry and blueberry), yogurt, feeding herself, playing with her toys, when dad comes home from work, kids her size, riding in the boat and golf cart (on tangier), strolling, and going "bye-bye" are a few of her favorite things.

Hates: Eggs, cleaning her face after she eats. 

-Ninny (for milk) 
-No, no, no (sounds like she's heard that a time or two ha!)

Monday, June 8, 2015

Our Week with Family

We spent the last week home on Tangier with family due to my brother graduating high school. The week flew by which was due to a fun filled week.

A bunch of us got together for a beach bonfire, we roasted hot dogs and s'mores.

It's safe to say Harlow has the mud between her toes already. She loved the water, the boat, and riding in the golf cart. I'm so glad she will have the opportunity to spend time on Tangier in the summer and get a taste of our childhood. 

Her 1st time to the crab house. 

She "swam" in the crab float.

And her pop introduced her to a puffer fish.

It rained almost all week so we only got two good beach/boat days in.

Can't wait to go back for the 4th!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day 2015

Oh 3 day weekend you spoiled us. It was filled with a lot of red, white & blue, watermelon and sun!

Harlow's 1st time eating watermelon and she loved it!

It was also her 1st time in the pool. She loves bath time so I figured she would love the water.

The water was chilly but she didn't care!

I love this action shot: splashing water and legs kicking. She LOVED it! A true water baby.

Next up, Tangier for a whole week! Time to get packing!