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Monday, January 12, 2015

4 Months

Weight: 14 lbs. 8 oz. (62nd percentile)

Length: 25 1/4 (80th percentile)

Size (Diapers, Onesies, Etc.): Still size 1 diapers and wearing 3/6 and 6 month clothing.

Eyes: The peditrician said they will stay blue, which makes sense because mine are green/blue and her dad's are blue.

Hair: So much blonde hair, I swear it's getting lighter every day! I'm loving it!

Sleeping: At 3 months she started sleeping more at night so we moved her to her room (still in her bassinet because she slept so good in it). She is now in her crib. It took two weeks for her to get use to it. She would wake up around 1/2 a.m and then again at 5/6 a.m. We are finally back on track to waking up around 4:30 and 5 a.m. Sometimes she wakes up around 2 a.m. but we put her pacifier back in and she goes right back. She takes 2 hour naps in the morning and in the afternoon.

Eating: During the day she eats every 3-4 hours. Drinking 5 oz. 

Milestones: Survived her 1st cold (mom and dad were nervous wrecks). Transitioned her to her crib. She found her feet. She plays with toys, especially mister fox on her activity mat (actually hitting and grabbing at it). Her most favorite toy is her ring o'links oh and grabbing my hair :| Everything is starting to go in her mouth -- hands, toys, bibs lol. Rolls over belly to back AND back to belly! It is so easy to get a giggle out of her --  especially when we kiss her cheeks or tickle her. She owns the Bumbo, it's so funny watching her sit in it. She loves watching herself (and videos of herself) on my phone. Always notices the TV, she loves the colors and movement.

Memorable Outings: Traveled to Tangier for her 1st Christmas and got her ears pierced. 

Loves: Bath time, laying on her play mat, jumperoo, and to be rocked before naps and bedtime. 

Hates: when I clean her nose.

Words/Sounds: Baby talk all the time, especially during play time or when we talk to her. 

Nicknames: Lolo, Harley, stinky head. 

Funny Moments: When we were driving home for Christmas and realized she would only fall asleep listening to Taylor Swift.

Harlow enjoying the Alice and Wonderland mural while waiting to see our Pediatrician.


amyswor said...

Enjoy reading your blog. Loved seeing your daughters precious earrings. Think you were a smart mommy for getting her ears pierced now when mommy can care for them. The best time to do it is under six months according to our ped who encouraged me to do it and gave me some tips for mom having their babies and little girls ears pierced.

There is nothing sweeter than a baby with little pierced earrings. It makes them look so feminine and ingenue. Our daughter is two now and is girlie-girl. She loves changing her earrings to match her dresses.

Any moms looking for more research on "to pierce or not to pierce," drop me an e-mail for our ped's suggestions.


Ashley Eskridge said...

Thank you so much Amy. I went back and forth to do it now or to wait. I'm so glad I did it, they haven't bothered her one bit! The lady who pierced them said to avoid an irritation/infection get a pair without nickel. So that's what we did.

amyswor said...


Sometimes the solution provided and dry winter weather can cause some skin drying around the earring post. If so, try use H20 Ocean (Wal*Mart Jewelry) /or a little aloe lotion.

Let me know if you need our Ped's "Care for Newly Pierced Ears" info.