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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Easter 2015

Another 1st for Harlow and this stage is SO fun! I love watching her face light up when she gets excited and how she takes EVERYTHING in. 

{outfit and ears from Target}

I had this same homemade bunny basket when I was little and my mom had one made for Harlow.

I got a glimpse of how Christmas will be this year. She loved exploring her basket and loved the grass even more. That's how it goes, you put tons of thought into a fun basket and she wants the grass. HA! She loved her stuffed lamb and jellies the best. We got to try out the bubbles yesterday and she loved watching them fly away.

I really wanted Harlow to wear a bonnet but they are so hard to find. I found some on Etsy but they were $30+. My mom saved the day, have I mentioned she saves everything?! This was my bonnet and it fit perfect. I brought back some really cute dresses too!

So glad we got to spend her 1st Easter with our family! 

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

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