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Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

Last Mother's Day I was registering for baby items at Target and this year Harlow is here! She is the best baby, seriously. And such a joy to be around, I am so proud to be her Mama. Being a mom is the best feeling in the world!

Joseph is not a fan of eating brunch out because he can make one just as good. And he really does. But I LOVE to eat brunch out, there's something about it. So that was my one request, brunch out. We went to our favorite local place, {RA} Bistro and it was amazing as always. 

We went during Harlow's nap time and she did SO good. We kept feeding her puffs and water from a straw and she was happy. Driving home we bragged about her and said "we seriously have the best kid." haha

Joe gave me the day off so I enjoyed a long afternoon nap and ended the evening with a trip to Starbucks for happy hour and Target with the family (my request :). He also gave me this backpack, I'm so excited!!! I've been wanting it and plan on using it as my baby bag. Goodbye bulky baby bag!

I hope all you fabulous mamas had a wonderful relaxing day!

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