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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Halloween 2015

Halloween was so fun this year and I know it will only get better as Harlow gets older. This year our theme was Peter Pan (minus Pan). I got Harlow's costume and Joe's hook and hat from Amazon. I found my nightgown from Goodwill ($4!) on the Friday before Halloween -- I got really lucky on that find. From there we just used what we had! I love semi-homemade costumes and you save so much more money that way. 

We started out the night with trunk or treat at a local church and then rushed home to pass out candy. Our neighborhood is a hot spot, so we enjoy being home for it. 

We ran out of candy and had to turn off our outside lights. We had way more kids this year than last -- we actually had candy left over last year! So next year we will have to stock up!

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