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Monday, January 18, 2016

26 Weeks

How far along: 26 weeks and the size of an eggplant. 
Gender: Boy. 
Weight gain: My scale needs new batteries, haha.
Maternity clothes: My weekly attire is leggings and a baggy sweater. I take all my bump pics on the weekend when I actually get dressed, haha.
Stretch marks: Just the few from my last pregnancy. 
Belly button in or out: In.
Sleep: Sleeping good, I usually wake up 1x.
Best moment of the week: Joe's mom was in town for a week and we painted the nursery (grey with a navy accent wall). She was also so much help with Harlow, it was great. We also got a free crib from my Aunt.
Miss anything: Ummm, nothing really. 
Movement: Yes, so much. Anytime I eat something sugary or drink caffeine it's almost immediate.
Cravings: Still on the Lucky Charms band wagon.
Queasy or Sick: Feeling good. I've had issues with my thyroid this time around, which means getting blood drawn all.the.time. With Harlow I stayed on the same dose, it never fluctuated. With baby boy I went from 25mcg to 50mcg, and now I'm on 75mcg :| Really hoping and praying I get to go back to 25mcg once he's born.
Looking forward to: Putting the crib together and hanging curtains.

Nursery to-do List: 
-Crib + mattress
-Buy curtains
-Paint room
-Attach pom-poms to curtains
-Crib bedding + skirt
-DIY mobile

It's your year baby boy!


Saturday, January 16, 2016

15 Months

(a month late)
Weight: 23 lbs. (78th percentile)
Height: 31 inches (75th percentile)

Size: 4 diapers. Eighteen/24 month and 2t clothing. 

Eyes: Blue.

Hair: Blonde and getting long, sporting the mullet!

Sleeping: Bedtime 7/7:30 p.m. and waking up between 7:45/8:30 a.m. At least one good two hour nap a day.

Eating: Still eats like a champ, drinks almond milk from a bottle, loves water, and uses a pacifier (tubee)
Favorite foods: squeeze fruit pouches, string cheese, pickles, cucumber, avocado, basically all fruits (apples, bananas, clementines, pomegranate), pancakes, eggs, raisins, spaghetti, pb-j, lunch meat (turkey/ham), Annie's cheddar bunnies.

-Can communicate very well and repeats most words back (20 words at least).
-Knows "bebe" is in my belly (she points and lifts up my shirt). She also points to Joe's belly and says "bebe" and points to every baby when we are out and about -- even if the child is older than her lol.
-Runs and climbs all over everything, she keeps herself busy all day.
-Can get up on the sofa by herself. We have a sectional and she always goes to the corner to climb up.
-We tell her that it's time to go to bed and she waves and says "bye-bye" and walks to her room.
-It's truly amazing what she knows and observes. We are amazed daily at what this little girl can do/knows.

Loves: her toys and plays amazing by herself (obsessed with her bebe and stroller, little people and castle, little laptop, and puzzles), books (faves: Little Owl Lost, 10 Little Lady Bugs, and her newest fave Chicka Chicka Boom Boom), she loves sitting to her play table, her little kitchen with pots and pans, and playing in her room -- we keep different toys in her room like her teepee and princess castle. One of her favorite things is going in her room and shutting the door. She's completely fine by herself and will stay in there alone, with the door shut, for at least 30 minutes -- I watch her on the monitor. She still loves sleep.

Hates: when she's hungry, diaper changes, staying in a shopping cart for what she thinks is too long (hello dum-dums). 

-Mommy, Dada/daddy, ninny, hey, no-no (and shakes her head), yes, bye-bye, Pop, Ama, nanny, auntie, sissy, bebe, puppy, apple, Ana (our friend), and calls a banana "ana", eyes and nose (and points to them), wah-dah (what's that), wa-wa (water), happy, practices baby brother's name, socks, shoes, and I'm sure there are more but it's hard to keep track!