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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Oliver: 7 months

Size: 4 diapers. Wearing 9 and 12 months.

Looks: Dad, me, Harlow, and my brother. 

Eyes: Blue. 

Hair: So much blonde!

Sleeping: Still waking up 2x a night. Two naps a day. Goes to bed at 7.

Eating: I stopped nursing. Loves food now, some of his faves are: squash, pumpkin, and pears. He also tried puffs this month.

Milestones: Sitting up, pincher grasp, TWO bottom teeth!

Memorable Outings: went with me to vote.

Loves: his sister, his bottle, jumperoo, the bath, nap time/bedtime, food, music, his plush book, his hedgehog lovey, and peekaboo. Such an easy going baby.

Hates: being hungry, when I take him out the bath and get him dressed, cleaning his nose, and putting a bib on him. 

Words/Sounds: mama and dada.

Nicknames: Oli, Oli boy, bubs/bubba.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Halloween Weekend

On the Friday before Halloween I had a little pumpkin painting party for Harlow and some of her friends. 

They had so much fun!

On Sunday we headed to Layman Family Farms. This is one of the well known places in the area but Harlow was too young last year. I was really looking forward to finally being able to take her and the place did not disappoint. They had everything for kids (and fun for adults too), no wonder every one goes there!

Harlow LOVES pigs.

We took a tractor ride to the pumpkin patch.

It was also nice having family in town and being able to bring them along!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween 2016

Can I just say kids make holidays 10x better. I decided back in July what we would be for Halloween. I like time to think about what we'll need and what we already have to make our costumes. This year was so easy, we had everything besides the Dorothy dress/shoes and I needed a crown. Everything else was what we already owned.

I bought this grizzly bear hat for Oliver last winter and it made the perfect Toto!

Toto's 1st Halloween.

I was turning Dorothy's shoes into ruby slippers :)

Last year we went to homes closest to ours. This year we hit up multiple streets and Harlow caught on fast. We had been practicing "trick or treat" all week.

She literally just asked me, "Trick or Treat? Dorothy dress on and Oli Toto." I don't have the heart to tell her she has to wait another year.