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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween 2017

October kicks off the holiday season in my book. I love all the traditions, the food, the clothes, and decor that come with "ber" months. Halloween is one of our favorite holidays -- I love a good family themed costume. I know it won't last forever, so I'm enjoying it for the two or three years that I have left. 

I wanted the kids to wake up to something special and had thought about giving them a cute little Halloween basket. But in reality they don't need a thing and lets get real, #budget. So a spooky Halloween breakfast it was! 

I bought the spider cupcake holders on amazon -- they would look so cute scattered around a food/dessert table at a Halloween party. They are really sturdy and will last for years, so I didn't mind spending the $10. I used store bought chocolate muffins and added some googly eyes to toothpicks. I found the glass beakers/flasks (whatever you want to call them) last year in the Target dollar section. I filled them with Bolthouse Farms' green goddess juice -- which worked perfect for "potion." And lastly, pumpkin spice pancakes topped with a whipped cream ghost.

For lunch: tortilla wrap filled with cheddar cheese (a fun twist on a grilled cheese) and topped with a piece of celery for the stem. Mummy turkey roll ups using edible googly eyes and string cheese. And a cute little clementine pumpkin.

Now for the fun...our costume: The Little Mermaid
I really wanted to be Ursula but I had everything for the "Ariel with legs" costume (this is what Harlow called me)

For me: two years ago I used this same dress and bow to be Wendy and I used a black tank top for the corset. 
Joseph: he already had everything and I used Christmas ribbon for his red sash.
Harlow: she got the mermaid tail for her birthday, already had this purple top, and I bought the wig.
Oliver: he is wearing Harlow's mustard leggings, top, and beanie. I had to buy the felt.
Total spent for 4 costumes = under $15

We had an awesome time and the kids passed out pretty quick -- even with all the sugar they consumed.

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