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Monday, July 22, 2013

I Think I'll go to Boston.

Well said Augustana, well said. Boston was amazing. Super friendly people, great food, very historic and everyone thinks Dunkin' Donuts is the shiz. I finally caved and got an iced coffee instead of my typical Starbucks.

One of the first things we did was walk the Freedom Trail. I'm not a lover of history and I still thought it was so cool. I will warn you, wear good shoes...you do a lot of walking (again still worth it).


As you know the donkey symbolizes the Democratic Party. In front of the donkey was two footprints and it said "stand in opposition". He wanted Dunkin' too.

Faneuil Hall Marketplace. It is visited more than Disney World, it was hard for me to believe that but they say it's a fact.


Paul Revere's tomb. The pennies were there to pay tribute to his contribution in the copper industry.

His house...


Old North Church

Boston Public Garden. Look closely, yes George is a Bruins fan.

Beautiful park!

Fenway for some baseball!

They are DIE hard fans. It was a very cool experience. 

John Hancock Building

We went on a 'Duck Tour' which took us all around Boston. It even went in the Harbor, or should I say the "Habah". 

The site near the Boston bombing. The memorial had just been removed because Mayor Menino wanted everyone to look to the future. The ribbons were the only thing remaining, along with the finish line in the road.

One of our last nights we went to the North End because we had heard about the amazing Italian food. And if you know Joe at all, you know we had to go there. "The closest thing to Italy" is what we heard over and over. Well they were right! We ate at La Famiglia's and when they sat Joseph's plate in front of him he thought it was a joke. So much food!!

Yes, that's a piece of chicken on top of the pasta!!

But of course we saved room for dessert. We HAD to stop at a Boston staple, Mike's Pastry. And again, amazing.


Holi cannoli 

Beautiful Boston skyline at night.

This was our hotel, The Liberty Hotel. It was an old prison that they turned into a hotel. It was just as beautiful on the inside and everyone kept saying it was the best hotel in Boston. Don't worry, we didn't pay full price. We got a crazy good deal because it was a Monday and Tuesday night, plus we used hotels.com. Stealllll!

Our room was huge! it had a whole other side to the left and a bathroom big enough for a stand up glass shower and a huge soak tub.

Needless to say we had a great time in Boston, go if you ever have the chance! And it's so historic which makes it so different from your typical city.

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