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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I'm really big on birthdays. Really big. This birthday was extra special because our friend Jordan, was coming home from Afghanistan. Joseph planned a fun day, starting at the beach. He knows me so well. As the day went on I got curious and asked, "am I getting a gift from you today". He kinda laughed and didn't want to tell me, which made me nervous. Finally he said "I guess I have to tell you. I've made an appointment at a tattoo shop, you've been wanting one forever. Today is the perfect day" I immediately freaked out. I've been wanting one for years and had it picked out, but it was something about it being on me forever that made me nervous. After talking it over with Joe and our friend Kara, I went from nervous to pumped. Yolo, right? 
The outlining was definitely the worst part. I have no idea how people get arm/leg sleeves, you guys are tough!

Filling in...

Getting the first look...

Me and my tattoo artist Jamee. She was the BEST and made sure it was perfect and exactly what I wanted.

And here it is...Happy 25th to me!

I am so happy with it, it's perfect. People ask if it has any meaning and I've started saying, you know I'm from an Island right? :)

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