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Monday, July 14, 2014


Typically when we go on vacation we road trip somewhere and we are constantly on the go trying to see every exciting thing about that city. With being over 30 weeks pregnant I knew I couldn't do that this year, so we opted for the beach and it was fabulous. We started off our babymoon in Virginia Beach and stayed in a hotel right on the boardwalk. We got a few good hours in at the beach before a storm hit.

Classic King Neptune shot.

31 weeks...

It was a  down pour for the rest of the night but we enjoyed an awesome dinner at Waterman's. 

Bacon wrapped scallops and she crab soup...to die!

On Thursday we headed for OBX and again ran into storms.

But the sun finally came out at the Cape Hatteras Light!

Beautiful beach near the Light.

This was the most relaxing vacation we've ever had, it was perfect! 

Now the countdown begins to when Miss Harlow arrives. It's less than 2 months away!

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