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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

3 and 4 Month Faves

This whole 'toys for babies' thing is a lot harder than I thought, I'm so lost when it comes to that stuff. Before Christmas Harlow had one rattle and a Sophie the Giraffe, that was it. Thanks to our family she now she has a better stock in baby toys. Here are a few things that Harlow has been enjoying these days. 

                                  Sophie the Giraffe                                                              Bumbo

                                       Ring O'Links                                                           Oball Rattle

                                       Cloth Book                                                      Twilight Ladybug 

                                Skip Hop Activity Gym                                                     Jumperoo 

A few notes on some of the above items:
-The Twilight Ladybug is so cute. We turn this on at night and Harlow just stares at the ceiling looking at all the stars.

-The Activity Gym really helps with encouraging her to roll over. She is rolling from belly to back but hasn't quit figured out back to belly. She's sooo close! 

-For Christmas my mom and dad gave Harlow the Jumperoo. I thought she was too young for it and we may have to wait another month before she could really use it but she does great in it. Her feet do not touch the floor yet, so she basically stares and talks at all the little animals. She has really good back and neck strength, so I wouldn't suggest it until that is established. 

Hope this helps and any of the above would make a great baby shower gift!

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