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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

8 months

Size: Size 3 diapers. Wearing size 9 months to 18 months. She wears 18 month dresses, because she's so long they fit really well.

Eyes: blue.

Hair: Blonde, wispy out of control hair haha. Nothing we do tames it.

Sleeping: Still taking 2 good naps a day. Goes to bed at 7:30 p.m. and wakes up at 6 a.m. to eat and goes back until 7:30/8ish. Has to have her blanket and tubee (pacifier) to sleep. At night we put her in a sleep sack and she uses her blanket to cuddle. 

Eating: Eats every 4/4.5 hours. Drinks 6 oz. without food. When food is involved she drinks 4 oz. This past month I've only been breastfeeding at night. Now that she's 8 months I plan to quit. I've always had to supplement with formula and now that I'm down to 1x a day, I'm really not producing a lot. LOVES veggies. Fruit not so much, which I think is weird. Fruit flavored puffs are a huge hit, they are a life saver when we are out to eat :) Her pincer grasp is great!

-Started saying MAMA again. That was her 1st word but disappeared once she started saying Dada. It's back!! :D
-Crawling backwards
-SO close to crawling forward, she gets on all fours but just bobs back and forth. That doesn't stop her though, she can make her way around the room by scooting, rolling, or crawling backwards. She also does the downward dog yoga position. It's hilarious and every time she does it we say "there's the downward dog."
-Pulls up on things but not to a full standing position. It looks like she's doing squats.
-Sitting up in the crib and pulls herself up -- we lowered it this week
-Claps hands
-When I say "who stinks?" you sniff :)
-Plays peekaboo with blanket

Loves: Veggies, bath time, yellow rubber ducky, blowing bubbles outside, blowing raspberries on her tummy, being tickled -- especially the rolls, Target (always a "chatty Kathy" when we go), sitting in the shopping cart watching people -- no stranger anxiety yet! Going 'bye-bye' -- whether it's grocery shopping, play dates, church, the park, or shopping she loves it all. Everywhere we go people talk to her and tell her how pretty she is :) I guess I would like that too! haha
Hates: Cleaning her face after she eats. When I don't feed her quick enough, piggy.

Words/Sounds: Mama, Dada, Hey!, Ninny (for milk).

I just have to say that these monthly pictures are getting harder and harder to capture, haha :)

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