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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Ruler Growth Chart

I've been wanting something to track Harlow as she grows but didn't want to put marks on our wall (because if we ever move I'd be really sad). So I decided to make my own ruler growth chart and not pay an arm and a leg (they seem to range from $40 and up to $100). I used this tutorial and it turned out great! Just don't look too closely ;) Some lines are thicker than others, haha.

First step was buying a 6 foot board and then staining it. I did a mix of special walnut (my favorite) and golden oak.

Once that dried I started marking out the lines and numbers. I used font: century schoolbook, size 200. The plan was to hang it 8 inches off the floor, so my first line started at 9 inches and I went from there.

Next came painting the numbers and the lines. I just used black acrylic paint that I had on hand. 

And viola! Time to hang.

The project cost just over $10 and that was for the board and hardware that we used to hang it. We had everything else. I have decided to mark her height every birthday and half birthday. I went back and marked her height at a year and a year and a half. You can kinda see it if you look closely (just below the 3). I can't believe we will be marking 2 years in just a few weeks!

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