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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Valentine's Day '17

We love holidays in this house...go big or go home, right? So to kick off Valentine's Day Joe took Harlow on a special dad/daughter date. He surprised her with the new Trolls movie and then took her to Chickfila. She was so excited. All day she would say "Go on a date with dad. We eat!" 

Joe and I don't typically do huge gifts for Valentine's Day. It's usually a night out with good food and some flowers...maybe a movie. And I always make him a red velvet cake. 

All ready for the kids :)

Harlow was so excited, especially over the balloons. 

Harlow opened her mailbox and she had a cute little ballerina mouse, a Poppy (Trolls) marshmallow pop, and Nemo/Dory gummies.

Oliver had a cute book (which happened to be called Ollie's Valentine) and some new bath toys.

I spent a great day at home with the kids making heart shaped foods and watching Trolls and then got to spend the night out with Joe. The best of both worlds!

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